Wanaka Ski Resort Transport

Wanaka Winter Ski Resort Shuttle

Our Snow Shuttle is a scheduled service with daily departures to Snow Park, Snow Farm, Cardrona and Treble Cone from Outside Sports, Wanaka’s largest sporting goods outlet.  Accommodation pick-ups are available.

Bookings and all enquiries can be made through Outside Sports, Dunmore St, Wanaka or through the website

Winter Ski Resort Shuttle Timetable & Prices

** Buy a 10 ride return pass and save money – see below for more details **

ProductAdult Return
from Wanaka
Child Return
from Wanaka
One Way
from Wanaka
One Way
from Wanaka
from bottom of the hills
from Outside Sports,
Book NowNote: once on the relevant booking page you will need to click on the word date to select a date in the future that you require the transport for
Cardrona Alpine Resort$35$28$28$28$288.15 amBook Now
Treble Cone$35$28$28$28$288.15 amBook Now
Snow Farm/Snow Park$35$28$28$28$289.00 amBook Now

Buses leave from Cardrona and TC at 4.15 pm. Snowpark and Snowfarm at 3.00 pm

Multi-ride passes – return fare for Cardrona, Treble Cone, Snow Park and Snow Farm

2011 return multi-ride passes
This year our multi-ride passes represent the best value ski transport in the region.Skiers who purchase our 10, or 30 ride passes are able use those rides with their friends and family as the rides are transferable.For example, 3 people sharing a thirty ride pass get 10 rides each at a great price of $25 per ride. The passes can be used for all four Wanaka ski areas, giving customers tremendous flexibility. THESE PASSES MUST BE PURCHASED AND REDEEMED ONLINE ONLY
How to go about purchasing and redeeming your multi-ride passes1) Purchase your adult or child multipass using the Purchase buttons below. This gives you 10 (or 30 depending on the pass selected) trips at a discounted rate, each to be taken anytime within a validity period.
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2) To redeem your pass return to this page on the website, click on the appropriate Redeem button and identify your multipass by entering the ID.

3) Now choose the date you want to book for. The system will check availability, make a booking, and deduct one of the trips from your multipass.